Laura is a designer, curator and creative advisor on issues relating to the culture of creativity, design and critical thinking. A passionate spokesperson and consultant for key issues related to the creative industries, she works as both designer and creative director on numerous collaborations, exhibitions and projects including Juu Juu, Digital Downtime and Made by Many. 

Working in tandem with organisations, companies, individuals and brands, Laura develops design and creative strategies in the areas of curation, production, exhibition and spatial design. The creative strategies she develops help her clients and collaborators engage meaningfully with their audiences and effectively communicate new visual ideas and compelling narratives. 

Laura's own individual practice has developed through a diverse range of study and professional experience. With a background in spatial design, she continues to develop a highly personalised visual language informed by user experience and interaction. Her investigations into the frameworks that structure our understanding of design has led her to establish Neospatial Studio - an experimental design practice dedicated to neo-ephemeral space and design. 

Laura was also co-founder and director of He Made She Made - the first concept gallery in Sydney dedicated to experimental design and making.